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To request pricing information ... call (321) 704-1248. TERMS 1. No orders less than 20 trees. 2. Pick up only. 3. Prices are FOB at our farm in US dollars. 4. For orders of 20 trees, the order must be paid for in cash at the time of order. 5. For orders over 20 trees, the first 20 trees must be paid for in cash at the time of order; o Remaining trees may be purchase via VISA. No out of state checks will be accepted. 6. Trees are cut ONLY after an order is received and paid for in full. 7. Prices cover size measurement from ground to leader tip as sheared. o Wholesale price for all trees below 8’ are $20.00 o Customer must chose the trees desired. o Trees taller 8’-10' are $32.50. Trees over 10 are $42.50. 8. Good Time Christmas Trees liability ceases on count and condition when trees leave the farm. o If breakage occurs or if stock suffers through delay in transit, claims should be made to the transportation company 9. All trees are readied for loading after an order is executed unless otherwise specified. 10. Orders of 20 trees paid for can be picked up the next day or; o if desired the customer can observe the cutting and provisioning of the order on site o be prepared to wait on a first come first serve basis.